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The International Students Conservation Initiative (ISCI) was brought to life through a unique partnership between people sharing the same vision and passion for Gods creation...

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Full-time Job Placements

There are ample work opportunities available in the Safari & Wildlife industry  across South Africa, as well as in neighbouring countries.

International students have the same opportunities, provided you have the necessary qualifications and working documents.

ISCI will assist you  in finding a position and fulfilling your dreams and goals.

Freelance Work Placements

Freelancers are often called upon by the ISCI to fulfil specific job roles or carry our work assignments on a on-call basis at our partner reserves and lodges when and where needed.

Volunteering Positions

You can get involved in the ISCI  wildlife conservation projects  situated in the Limpopo Province, an area that is home to some of the most remarkable wildlife, landscapes and conservation opportunities South Africa has to offer.

Your options includes becoming involved with Wildlife Research, Animal Rehabilitation, Breeding or Reserve Management.

Gap-year Student Placement

Get your foot in the door for a career that you really want and vastly improve your chances of making it by getting work experience. You may want to work for a major blue chip company or a smaller business, or perhaps you want to work in television or gain experience in your chosen degree subject - shadowing someone already doing that role is a great way to gain the experience you need

Our partnership with some of the top lodges and reserves in Southern Africa as well as a longstanding relationship with other African countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia - places the INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CONSERVATION INITIATIVE at the forefront of talent development and job creation in developing countries. Be it for Full-time, Part-time, Volunteering or Gap-year work placements, we will find the best fit for every student approaching us for placements.


Surely it is our responsibility to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but all life on earthSir David Attenborough