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Wilderness Protection

BECOME A CUSTODIAN FOR AFRICAN WILDLIFE. The future of wildlife in Africa is under severe pressure due to the over-utilization of natural resources and the exploitation of species to international trading markets.

Reserve Management

Come and join the ISCI on one of our partner reserves as a conservation volunteer. Make a real difference, grow your skills in conservation and have the experience of a lifetime!

Lodge Management

ISCI offers you hospitality volunteer placements at our partner hotels and lodges in Lowveld region of South Africa.  Placements are available in scenic locations such as private game reserves, and the world renowned Kruger National Park.

Wildlife Research

Start your internship or just volunteer and you will work alongside the professional ISCI Wildlife Research Team. Your contribution will enable us to expand our research projects and will make it possible to initiate more projects in support of wildlife conservation in Africa.


Students and wildlife researchers make up an integral part of our wildlife volunteer projects. Students from all over the world have come to join us on reserves in Southern Africa, and have made contributions on many levels. Some students choose to spend a Gap Year assisting conservation research volunteering projects. Some students join to gain valuable field research experience or to complete undergrad dissertation papers. Some advanced students have even joined us to collect data for Masters and PhD degrees.

Many have come to join us in Africa to complete a conservation internship programme to expand their understanding of real conservation issues, and learn from and work directly with our ecologists and wildlife monitors in the field. Our Internships are also designed to give aspiring conservationists a real account of what it is like to live and work in the African bush on a day-to-day basis – and to use the experience as a springboard to follow their dreams of starting a career in wildlife conservation


Whether you would like to complete a research study as part as your undergraduate course, a dissertation, or simply complete an experiential learning module in South Africa, there are a wealth of options for you to consider.

Join a team of professional conservationists and wildlife monitors in the field for a hands-on, practical learning experience in the Lowveld of South Africa.

Volunteer programs on offer...


Make a contribution to wildlife conservation in Africa...