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The International Students Conservation Initiative (ISCI) was brought to life through a unique partnership between people sharing the same vision and passion for Gods creation...

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The International Students Conservation Initiative (ISCI) is a longstanding and well established defined community of practice.The ISCI provides support, networks and representation for conservation students across Southern Africa and Africa - creating opportunities for both local and international students to learn, contribute and work in the African wildlife and conservation industry.

Contrary to popular believe, it is not poaching or the fur-trade that’s causing decline of animals in Africa!

The exploding human population estimates to double within the next fhe years with billions, and will, in an attempt to feed itself convert the last of the animals home ranges to agriculture.

Not even the leopard, adaptable and free as it is, could survive if it’s habitats and food supplies are destroyed.

So if we are to avoid our own extinction, we must come up with a new conservation ethic. A balance sheet needs to be drawn which records air, soil and water as our most precious assets, because these are the very basics of life itself.


Our Credo

Managing Director:

Mr. Johann Jurgens

Johann is a veteran in conservation and wildlife circles having worked in the industry as field guide, Kruger Park trails ranger and warden for over 23 years. He is no heading the ISCI and is permanently involved with our training school as principle trainer.

Student Chairman

Darius de Beer

After completing his entry-level qualifications as Nature Guide through the ISCI, Darius found his true passion for the bush and calling for conservation, and soon became the chairman of our Student Representation Counsel thereafter due to his extraordinary leadership and managerial capabilities


Surely we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a planet that is healthy and habitable by all species…Sir David Attenborough